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Medical depigmentation method

Professional depigmentation method that effectively removes skin spots for short and long-term results and prevents them from reappearing. Skin spots are a common problem, especially among women. They are dark-colored patches on the skin caused by an overproduction of pigment or melanin accumulated unevenly in the skin.
Dermamelan® is the world's leading method to get rid of annoying hyperpigmentation. The treatment was developed by the company Mesoestetic. Visible stains are eliminated. But not only the existing stains are reduced, but the cause of the problem is also acted upon. Pigment overproduction is regulated, preventing recurrence.
You may have heard of a similar treatment called Cosmelan®. Cosmelan® is a beauty treatment, while Dermamelan® is the evolution of this treatment. Dermamelan® requires medical control and monitoring. The formulation of Dermamelan® shows a comprehensive and effective effect for the treatment of pigment spots.

Mesoestetic as a company has been conducting research in the field of depigmentation for more than 30 years. Thousands of patients worldwide have already been treated with this method. Two patents have been registered for Dermamelan®, which in turn confirms that the method uses the latest technology and can be considered unique. Clinical study results on the treatment success of all types of skin spots are available and the high level of effectiveness and safety is confirmed. It is gratifying that patient satisfaction after the treatment is high.
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The first step is a medical consultation with Dr. Johannes Bisschoff. In his role as a medical trainer for the treatment and in the ongoing application in his own practice in Vienna, he has a lot of experience with Dermamelan®. He will check whether the treatment is suitable for you and will explain the course of treatment and possible side effects to you.

You will then receive an appointment with the cosmetics team at 'Medizin am Hauptbahnhof' to start the treatment. The Dermamelan® method requires a session in the treatment cabin followed by four months of treatment at home. This is how optimal results can be achieved.

1-2 weeks after the start of treatment you will already see a significant improvement in the complexion and a reduction in pigmentation. After 4 weeks, 95% of the pigmentations have already disappeared in most patients.

Phase 1: Intensive depigmentation in the treatment cabin

In this phase, melanin deposits are removed and the renewal of the upper layers of the skin is stimulated. The skin's appearance improves, and the severity of skin spots decreases.

To document the success of the treatment, standardized photos of your skin are taken with a special camera. Then two face masks with an intensive depigmenting effect are applied. After application, the mask should take effect at home for several hours. Treatment may cause mild tingling or burning. After the day of treatment, you should not have any restrictions in everyday life and can follow your normal daily routine.

Phase 2: Depigmentation, regulation and control at home

This phase lasts four months and starts 48 to 72 hours after phase 1. Three complementary products are applied to the skin daily, maintaining the depigmenting effect. The aim is to regulate the problem at the root and thus achieve a comprehensive and long-lasting result.

Questions on Dermamelan

Does Dermamelan® work on all types of skin spots?

Dermamelan® treats all types of skin spots of melanic origin, i.e. spots that are caused by an overproduction of melanin. They can be triggered by various factors (hormones, genetics, acne, depilation, etc.) and are exacerbated by sun exposure. Dermamelan® is therefore effective in the treatment of the following skin spots: melasma, spots of inflammatory origin (HPI), sunspots, age spots and freckles.

What time of year is best for a treatment?

Dermamelan® is recommended to be carried out in autumn and winter, when the sun exposure is shorter and less intense. If exposure to the sun is unavoidable, suitable sun protection and a hat are necessary.

When will the first visible results appear? Why should I continue with the treatment if I can already see the first visible results before completing the program?

The most noticeable change occurs a few weeks after applying the mask in the treatment cabin; the texture of the skin improves and the skin spots are significantly reduced. During this time, the melanin from the superficial layers of the skin is broken down; the skin spot is therefore much less noticeable, and the skin becomes smoother and more supple. However, the cause of the problem has not yet been eliminated. The melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, are still out of control and still producing excess pigment (melanin). Continuation of home treatment with regulatory measures is important for melanocyte re-education and control of overproduction. This is the only way to bring the cells back into a normal state and prevent the skin spots from appearing again.

Will the treatment interfere with my normal daily routine?

There is no negative impact on youreveryday life because the method is non-invasive. Only in the first few days, the adaptation phase of the skin after the cabin session, is it advisable to be careful with certain activities. This includes, among other things: sunbathing, prolonged stays at heat sources and dealing with excessive sweating. No sauna, intensive sports or sunbathing.

Is the treatment completely painless?

Skin may feel hot and red for the first 24-48 hours after treatment. But this is expected and tolerable. At home during phase 2, there may be some scaling and the skin may feel overly sensitive. With the recommended products, these side effects subside very quickly.

How do I make an appointment for the first treatment?

We ask you to book your appointment with Dr. Johannes Bisschoff. He will discuss your skin and skin complexion with you in detail. After the initial dermatological consultation, another appointment with one of our beauticians will be arranged. Our beautician have a great deal of experience in carrying out the Dermamelan® treatment.
Dermamelan Vorher und NacherDermamelan Vorher und Nacher
Dermamelan Vorher und NacherDermamelan Vorher und Nacher
Dermamelan Vorher und NacherDermamelan Vorher und Nacher
Dermamelan Vorher und NacherDermamelan Vorher und Nacher




30 min for the medical consultation + 60 min for the treatment in the cabin


EUR 150 for the medical consultation + EUR 850 for the cabin treatment incl. home products for the first month


Few days with minor discomfort


(on a scale of 10)


Starting one week after the cabin treatment
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