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Our offer in November and December 2022

Chemical Peeling

Fresh and radiant appearance for your skin

For many, summer with lots of sun is the most beautiful season. The warm temperatures and especially the sun's rays can also affect the skin. Radiance and elasticity may suffer, as well as dark spots on the facial skin may occur. Autumn is the best time to counteract these factors. That's why we offer you a miracle weapon to make your skin glow.

Chemical peeling - also known as fruit acid peeling - is a great way to improve the complexion of your skin. We only use acids or acid combinations from Mesoestetic®.

Your beautician in our medical center in Vienna selects the right acid or combination of acids for your skin type and skin problem. Your skin can be refreshed, scars evened out, acne or rosacea soothed, pigment spots refined and oily skin reduced. The right acid or combination of acids can be selected as individually as your skin and skin problem.

The layers of skin removed by the treatment are replaced by new fresh skin as part of the healing process.  In order to optimally support this process, in November & December 2022 we will give you either the BIRETIX Isorepair Creme with 50 ml worth EUR 17 or SWISSFORCE Couperose Balm 30 ml worth EUR 26 free of charge, depending on your skin type. Your beautician will select the appropriate product for you. The treatment costs EUR 90.

Biretix Isorepair Cream is a moisturizing and regenerating cream that repairs the skin sensitized by the treatment. The cream leaves no shine, even has a matting effect, and is very well tolerated (hypoallergenic). The formulation of BIRETIX contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and is based on the patented SCA® Growth Factor Technology. SCA stands for Secretion of Cryptomphalus Aspersa, the technology is based on a unique, natural repair enzyme that helps the skin to regenerate faster after damage. The pleasant texture and the fact that it is quickly absorbed reduce skin irritation and an unpleasant feeling of tension. Tested under dermatological control.

Swissforce Couperose Balm helps against skin redness and veins. The nourishing balm strengthens the skin and blood vessels, reduces the appearance of couperose/rosacea and skin redness. It keeps the skin's moisture in balance. The unique combination of active ingredients protects and soothes the skin and makes it look luminous, soft and even.

If you cannot find a suitable appointment in our online appointment booking system, please contact our reception. Sometimes there are short-term postponements, and we accordingly can make treatments possible.


You can find more details about the treatment procedure HERE.

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