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Our offer in September 2021

Age Element®

We have tried a new treatment concept from Mesoestetic over the past few weeks and are thrilled. This innovative anti-aging concept uses three epigenetic active ingredients that promote cell regeneration, improve the synthesis of essential proteins and increase the longevity of cells.

This concept is individually tailored to you. You answer 18 questions immediately before your first treatment, and the treatments are put together according to your needs, building on each other. Five sessions are recommended, each one to be held 1-2 weeks apart. But it is nice that unique results are already visible with the first session.
A treatment costs EUR 150. If you opt for five treatments in a package in September, we will offer them to you for EUR 550 instead of the usual package price of EUR 650. You can simply book your first treatment, see for yourself how effective it is, and then if you wish choose the package of five treatments.

Treat yourself and your skin with this professional anti-aging system of the latest generation.


You can find more details about the treatment procedure HERE.