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Age Element

The individual anti-aging solution

Mesoestetic has developed an anti-aging concept of the latest generation that our beauticians offer in our medical center in Vienna at the main train station. The innovative concept was developed based on the most modern medical-cosmetic technology.

The treatment has a proven epigenetic effect. Epigenetics deals with the question of which factors temporarily determine the activity of a gene and thus the development of the cell. The most important epigenetic influencing factors are environmental influences, lifestyle, and age - those factors that are the most important, visible signs of our aging. The epigenetic process is aimed at optimizing skin protection and skin repair in order to combat skin aging at its origin and to correct visible signs of skin aging.

The treatment is also characterized by the fact that your neck and décolleté are also included. Our beauticians will also be happy to massage your neck during the treatment and thus provide you with that extra portion of relaxation.

3 epigenetic active ingredients with synergetic anti-aging effects are used. These promote cell regeneration, improve the synthesis of essential proteins and the longevity of the cells.

Shikimic acid
Extends the life of cells DNA protection and activates the youth protein SIRT1.
Maslinic acid
Moisturizing, firming and densifying. Increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen.
Antioxidant effect. Protects the skin from free radicals and improves the skin's luminosity.
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Before your first treatment, we will ask you to answer 18 questions on the iPad so that we can better understand your lifestyle. The main focus here is how much stress you have in everyday life, how much water you consume every day, how much sport you do, etc. The treatment is tailored based on your answers. This is how you get your very own individual solution.

Five sessions with an interval of 1-2 weeks are recommended. Unique results are visible from the very first session.

Age ElementTM: Anti-Aging concept

Professional anti-aging system of the latest generation, inspired by the latest medical-cosmetic technology.
Formula with the patented technology meso [epigen] system to combat skin aging at its origin.
100% individual and adaptable treatment with the unique diagnosis system: age element diagnosis systemTM
A holistic anti aging solution with all essential phases and tailor-made treatments for unique results in every session

Questions on Age ElementTM

What is epigenetics?

This field of biology deals with changing gene function without changing the sequence of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The latest scientific innovations aim to act on the epigenetic changes and to optimize the natural processes of skin protection and skin repair.

Which treatment steps are carried out?

The treatment includes all the essential phases of an anti-aging treatment such as cleansing, facial massage and moisturizing mask. The treatment includes your neck and décolleté, and your neck can be massaged if you wish.

How is Age ElementTM different from a classic facial treatment?

The active ingredients used in Age Element are based on epigenetics, while in the classic facial treatment, depending on the skin type, the products Energy C, Collagen 360 °, stem cells and Radiance DNA Line are used. (Link)
What is special about Age Element is that the series of treatments is determined based on the answers to the questions before your first treatment. Different active ingredients / active ingredient combinations are used in each treatment in order to achieve the best results. It is a treatment that is individually tailored to you.

Do I have to book five sessions immediately?

We recommend five sessions 1-2 weeks apart for maximum results. However, you decide for yourself whether you want to use fewer sessions.

Is there also a treatment package?

One treatment costs EUR 150. If you want to opt for five treatments straight away, we can offer you these as a package at a price of EUR 650.


[meso]epigen system


60 min. per session


EUR 150 per session