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Permanent hair removal

Smooth skin by means of state-of-the-art laser technology

For all body zones using a high-power laser for a smooth skin feeling

Smooth legs, a hair-free bikini line and well-groomed armpits are the goal of many women. Men suffer especially from hairy backs, but also from excessive facial hair that goes beyond a nice beard growth. Regular shaving or epilation as well as regrowing stubble can be permanently avoided. For heavy body hair, laser treatment is often the only option to avoid plucking and especially painful waxing. 
After the treatment, you will feel well-groomed and subsequently save a lot of time due to the elimination of regular hair removal.
Thanks to the most modern laser technology currently available, which we offer in our center at Vienna Central Station, the treatment is almost painless. The laser has built-in strong cooling, which can compensate for the feeling of warmth occurring during the treatment. The laser treatment takes place without ultrasound gel and thus differs from other lasers available on the market.
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With laser hair removal, the hair is sclerosed by a targeted laser beam into the hair root. Directly before the treatment, an anaesthetic cream is applied if necessary. This, together with a cooling system integrated into the laser, significantly reduces the pain during the treatment. Depending on the growth cycle of your hair, your personal hair and skin type and the area to be treated, between four and ten treatments are necessary on average. Laser hair removal should be performed at the optimal intervals (4-8 weeks depending on the body region).

Our high-power laser has the most modern technology currently available on the market. The wavelength of the laser beam is designed so that the absorption of the light radiation is high in melanin but low in water (an essential component of the skin). This guarantees a selective and safe treatment without risk of side effects. At the same time, it is possible to treat dark skin types (up to skin type VI) with low risk. In addition, a special treatment mode (SmoothPulse) can be used, especially for larger areas, so that even for sensitive patients the laser pulses are hardly noticeable. Due to this special design of the laser, side effects that go beyond slight redness and swelling – around dark hairs – are extremely rare.

Questions on permanent hair removal

Is this treatment painful?

The sensation of pain is influenced by many factors: the colour and thickness of the hair to be removed, the treatment area and your own general condition. Our patients draw comparisons to small needle pricks or simply feel a warm sensation. We would like to emphasise that our ThunderMT laser has its own cooling system, which makes hair removal more pleasant.

Other studios offer cheaper hair removal. How does your price come about?

Modern lasers like our ThunderMT cost between EUR 100,000-120,000 to purchase. Some studios only use simple IPL devices, which can be bought for as little as EUR 8,000-10,000.

What is the advantage of laser hair removal?

Lasers like our ThunderMT work directly on the hair follicle, while other devices spread the energy more widely. With broader scattering, complications such as burns or even pigmentation disorders in the surrounding skin regions can occur. Modern lasers offer high patient safety and lasting results. In addition, the device in our practice has a special cooling system that makes the treatment much more comfortable.

Can dark skin types also be treated?

Our laser ThunderMT has a special technology for use with wider bandwidths that can be adapted to the individual needs of the patient. The technology combines two different laser wavelengths into a single emission with programmable fluence and pulse duration. The interaction of the two wavelengths can completely destroy the hair follicles with more certainty even in dark skin types, thanks to the reduced fluences. This lowers the temperature of the epidermis and increases safety and effectiveness.

How many treatments are needed and at what intervals?

Depending on the body area, skin and hair type, usually between 6-8 treatments are needed. Results are visible immediately after treatment, but further treatments are needed for lasting hair reduction. Laser hair removal should be performed at optimal intervals (4-8 weeks depending on the body region).

What costs should I expect?



Thunder MT by Quanta Systems


from 15 min.


from EUR 70 depending on treatment area




3-6 (on a scale of 10)


first result immediately, long-term result after several sessions


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