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Dr. Wolfgang Tillinger

Specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology

Long a taboo, the digestive tract is an organ that is attracting increasing attention outside medical circles. After all, the intestinal mucosa fulfils remarkable and difficult tasks. On the one hand, it must manage the absorption of vital nutrients and tolerate the beneficial intestinal bacteria (the so-called microbiome). On the other hand, it must act as a barrier and defence to prevent the invasion of harmful pathogens. This requires an immensely complex interplay of immunologically active cells.
The rapid increase in knowledge from scientific research has led to a completely new view of the role of the microbiome in recent years. We increasingly understand how an intact microbiome contributes to maintaining our health, but on the other hand, disturbances in its composition are involved in the development of various disease patterns (e.g., in the chronic inflammatory bowel diseases Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis).
However, many mechanisms are still unknown, as a result the targeted use of probiotic therapies is still very limited and requires critical evaluation.
Food intolerances and allergies are further factors that can lead to considerable disturbances in intestinal function. Diagnosis is often difficult and requires cooperation between different medical disciplines. In our group practice, we have appropriate breath tests and specific allergy diagnostics available, which enable a thorough clarification of the patient’s condition.
Abdominal discomfort can not only significantly affect the physical but also the psychological well-being. The interactions in the “gut-brain axis” are of eminent importance. Therefore, it seems important to me to discuss these interactions in medical consultations in order to develop sensible therapeutic strategies.
My medical training took me to several institutions at home and abroad, as a result I was able to get to know different perspectives and methods. In addition to a sound training in the field of endoscopy, I was able to deal scientifically with different topics – from basic immunological research to nutritional medicine and psychosomatics. Bringing these experiences together and integrating them into my medical work is what fascinates me about my profession.
Medizin am Hauptbahnhof - Doktor Tillinger in der Endoskopie
Medizin am Hauptbahnhof - Doktor Tillinger in der Endoskopie
Medizin am Hauptbahnhof - Doktor Tillinger in der Endoskopie

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