Medizin am Hauptbahnhof
Kosmetik und Fusspflege

Jannet Perkola

Beautician & pedicurist

3 questions for Jannet Perkola

Why did I choose this profession?

Even as a small child, I noticed that I wanted to do something good for other people. I used to have an elderly lady as a neighbour, and I used to massage her feet and hands and pretend to give her a pedicure and manicure. So, I always knew I wanted to choose a profession where I could help people and make them happy at the same time.

What do I try to achieve with my patients?

To treat their “little problems” and that the patients walk through the door with a good feeling and would like to come back again.

What does beauty mean to me?

To feel comfortable in one’s skin and to radiate this to the outside world through one’s appearance, be it smiles, facial expressions or gestures.

Training and previous activities:


English (school knowledge)


  • Treatment and advice according to type
  • Technology enhanced cosmetics (HydraFacial, Genesis)
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Blemished skin
  • Laser hair removal
  • Corn removal
  • Ingrown nails
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